Sunday, September 4, 2016

Experience at GUADEC 2016

This has been my first GUADEC. It was held in Karlsruhe, Germany (Indeed a very beautiful and peaceful city). The week was truly amazing , got to meet the fellow GNOMies in person. As I did Outreachy internship with GNOME-Maps, I was so happy to meet the team-maps in person. Though my mentor could not come to GUADEC. I met many people there and it was an awesome experience having talks with them.

I organized a workshop for newbies, it went really well. I had 4 students and 2 of them were able to submit their first patch. \o/ This really gave me an immense happiness. Also, I got so awesome friends. Then we had an interesting bunch of talks which I really enjoyed attending and learning from it. That gave a bigger picture of GNOME workflow and also the new things moving around GNOME.
After the talks we used to have social events. I really enjoyed the picnic at the beautiful park.

The BOFs after the core days were one another good experience. I was not much aware about the Engagement team, Diversity team before. Attending the BOFs of them gave me good idea of things happening in it also a chance to become a part of contributing ideas to it. This actually helped me in getting more close to the community.

Thanks to GNOME community for sponsoring to attend the conference.

Looking forward to stay integrated with community and volunteer for it to the maximum. Also , waiting for the next GUADEC. :)