Monday, September 17, 2018

Las Gnome 2018!!!

I had a chance to attend and talk at Las Gnome 2018, which was organised in Denver, Colorado. It is always interesting and fun to meet Gnomies and GNOME enthusiasts and this one was no different. Had a great time time attending the conference and knowing a lot about application distributions. It had a quite diverse set of talks from different communities as well such as KDE, elementaryOS, etc.

One of the eye opening and engaging talk was `How Can You Make Your Open Source Project Attractive to Students` by Professors at Drexel University, where they shared insights on challenges faced by educational institutions to align the cycle of course curriculum with that of Open Source release cycles and their efforts at involving students in FOSS.
I had a chance to talk about `Validation of CrowdSourced Datasets` which was well received by the attendees and it was good to see people wanted to knowing and questioning more about the issues and challenges. My slides are always present here:

Apart from that, it was great fun to hangout at social events and chat with people. Oh yes! Also Systems76 giving a tour to the computer factory was amusing.

Denver is a beautiful city covered by mountains all around. I would like to thank to GNOME organisation for reaching out to me to present a talk, be a part of this event and sponsoring to be able to make to the conference.