Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The much awaited GUADEC, 2016

Well the time has come to catch up with the smart peeps behind IRC nicks. \o/ This time GUADEC is organized in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany and I am all set for it. Oops forgot to mention about GUADEC. So GUADEC is annual conference of GNOME (FOSS) Organization where all users, contributors and developers meet together and have an amazing time discussing about future prospects of building the community stronger and better. Also there is good discussion on various projects and applications. Besides that, there are many interesting workshops and talks scheduled.

I am feeling quite happy to share that I am organizing a workshop to help newcomers get started contributing to GNOME. I got motivated to conduct this workshop as I know the troubles which newcomers definitely face, as I have myself sailed in the same boat at some time. I will be more than happy if I will be able to make this community bigger and people can start contributing with ease.
Along with it, I am also talking about the Outreachy project which I did with GNOME-Maps. I am eagerly waiting to meet my mentors Jonas, Mattias, Andreas, Marcus and fellow GNOMies.

Looking from the schedule, it seems that it is going to be a lot of fun. Football, Picnic, Barbeque, GNOME Women's Dinner, ... :) Really looking forward to it. I would also add that this is my first abroad trip. So hell a lot excited about it. Also planning to go around the city and exploring the places there. Looking forward to make new friend.

Will keep you all updated with event. Stay tuned.


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