Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cruising Altitudes...

Hello Peeps,

Been a little late this time in catching you all. But yeah, I guess that can be compensated well with something which I am going to share just now.
Yayy !!! , I am able to generate a print of Map View along with instructions which looks a bit like mockups. Here is the demo video URL .

Breaking up in pieces, First I divided the data into parts. Each part is associated with corresponding page which is to be printed. From that I get number of pages which will be required and then actual  printing took place in draw-page call. The understanding of GTK Print API helped me. Begin-print signal is the one which is emitted when user is done with page setup ,but before rendering starts. All the calculations done to divide the data and get a count of pages are ensured in this one. In draw-page, actual rendering takes place using Cairo.

I am thankful to Andreas for designing an awesome UI mockup. Finally we were able to get an appropriate location and visibility behavior for Print Route Button. :) Following are the screenshots of UI.

   Without Route, print route button is not visible.

With Route, print route button is visible

Now next part is dealing with minimaps which will enlarge the route pieces and enable the user to see them with the respective instructions.

I will be back with the minimaps soon. Till then stay tuned. :)

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