Saturday, January 30, 2016

We are getting there...

Hey pals,

"We are getting there". Yes, these were the words said by my mentor Jonas when I the attached the latest patch, which made me extremely happy and jumping. :)

In the last two weeks, I worked on adding minimaps, enabling the different layouts for long routes and shorter routes and the refactoring of code. After discussion with design team, it was confirmed that minimaps were to be added for starting and finishing points only.

To make it happen, I learnt the concept of abstract classes and the factory method. As Print layout class is made abstract  which acts as a tool-box ,or rather sort of library which provides its sub-classes the methods used to get different surfaces (MapView, Instruction, Header, etc. )

Depending on the distance, we differentiate long and short routes and so the layouts for each. As shown in mockup, the long route layout contains minimaps surfaces and shorter one doesn't as the route is clear in complete MapView itself . So following are the Screenshots taken for both types.

Delhi to Mumbai has been my favorite route for testing purpose :p . 


For the shorter route I took infocity to DA-IICT, which I follow very frequently :)

Now next step is to refine the design to make it  more friendly to the user. Also some more code refactoring is required.

Will be back pretty soon. Till then stay tuned. :)



  1. That looks awesome! Amazing job!
    I can't wait to try it in action.

    1. Thanks Andreas :) Yeah pretty soon we all will be able to use it. :)