Monday, February 22, 2016

Gnome ++ :)

Hola friends,

It's been a little long, since I updated you all with the project progress. I feel immensely happy to tell that the Print Route feature has finally landed with the release of version 3.19.90(first beta release). Kudos to all the contributors (Gnomies) who have put in a lot of efforts to make this release successful. Gnome has got quite awesome stuff added to it. Following contains the log for the same:  
After a series of review - refactoring - review events, the patch for print route feature  is committed.  
Thanks Jonas, Damian, Hashem and Andreas for helping me all while, reviewing the patches, suggesting wonderful approaches and yeah, keeping me motivated enough to successfully complete it (on time :P).

Following are the demo screencast of print feature.
      Long Routes:
      Short Routes:

Further work

 Refining the feature considering better usablility is the next step. Following tickets have been opened:

Will be back with updates soon. Till then stay tuned. :)



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